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Life is all about stories.

I am interested in the stories we are told as children. These stories teach us who to fear, who to hate, what to hope for and what to believe.

As we grow older, we get the chance to rewrite some of those stories before we pass them on to our children.

This is not a privilege; this is a responsibility.

My generation in Israel and Palestine was born during the first Intifada, grew up during the second Intifada and lived through three wars in Gaza in less than six years.

The conflict was the story of the upbringing of our generation. It is our responsibility to make sure we rewrite this story, because a conflict we pass on to our children, is a conflict we lost.

And this is why I am rewriting the story – In Washington D.C. with fellow Israelis and Palestinians in the New Story Leadership summer internship program, or with hundred of thousands of Israeli citizens, a generation in the streets, demanding justice and peace.

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