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In the sunny streets of Jerusalem in a collector’s vintage car, I fantasized being the Prime Minister of Israel.

I was driving a unique 1960 red Impala. This was a part of the main event of celebrating 20 years to the UN resolution 1325 that deals with the role of women in key positions in the national and international after war politics.


People around us gathered and cheered as we, ex-politicians and diplomats, all women, driving in these beautiful cars.

The slogan of our event - “Taking the Wheel in our hands” was physically expressed by us, the women.


It is definitely seen that all over the world, countries that have women leaders or women in powerful roles have gone through this pandemic much better. Countries like New Zealand, Taiwan, Denmark and more.  I fantasized that it was the same in my country as well. 


Women who hold leadership positions, most likely, act better than men, by using empathy, caring, sharing and less ego…


In 2005,  Tzipi Livni, Yuli Tamir and myself enacted the 1325 resolution as a part of the Israeli law saying that women should be involved in all the major decisions in all fields of life. We were the first country in the world doing it.


So ladies and gentleman – Time has come to take the Wheel in our hands.

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