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From Darkness to Light.

I still remember the sobs of my grandmother weeping the loss of her two daughters, I remember the Nakba, the tsunami, the despair, the hostility feelings towards a state which took my freedom and my family away.

I was imprisoned in my tower of hate since I was a child.

From the other side my encounter with my Jewish friend Rachel in my childhood, being involved in the Israeli society, listening to other painful narrative as mine, allowed me to grieve my loss and pain and to find within me to shift my attention from: “what is wrong in my world?!”  to "what I can do to change this world?"

It started with a belief that life is a gift, a process of healing enlightened my heart, God created us to light a candle than cursing the dark.

I was released from my inner jail, by discovering that reconciliation from the within can do miracles and I was reborn again to hug the future.  

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