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My name is Laila. I joined the Palestinian-Israeli Bereaved Families Forum 3 years ago. I am very proud of what I have achieved during this short period of radical change. I think and see things in a clearer and deeper way. 15 years after I lost my child. 15 years after the Israeli army obstructed us and prevented us from taking our child to the hospital for more than 4 hours. 15 years after I decided not to take revenge, but at the same time, not to talk to any Israeli, because in my opinion, they were responsible for his death. Then, I participated in the personal bereavement storytelling program. It was the first time I spoke in front of anyone and I started crying. One of the Israeli women rose up and said to me - I apologize for you on behalf of my people, I am also a mother and I feel your pain. She didn't know that with those simple words she had brought me back to life. It helped me open my heart, mind and eyes to see things real and clear.

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