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A Story to Tell
Natalie Alz, Standing Together

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It was a regular day at school, we had free time, and some of us decided to hang out together. While we were out there, I felt someone pulling me back from my hair. I reacted instinctively and pushed him away, and yelled at him, and let him know that it’s not acceptable and I made sure everyone else heard me.


I said: “I don’t belong to him or to anyone for that matter”. He giggled a bit, and said "that's what I usually do! Don't be a bitch". It made me furious, and I felt so angry, as if someone trying to silence me, and even control me. We went along with our schedule as planned.

Women are 50% of the population, and still, most stories we hear are male stories, and we neglect the female voice to some extent and almost eliminate it.

That is one of the reasons I joined Halqat Istiqbal. We're a society from all over Palestine. From North to South. This Palestinian community wishes to hear women’s stories from women’s perspectives, regarding our experiences etc.

Stories get different contexts when heard from another point of view.

The world is recognizing, bit by bit, why it’s essential to hear the story from all members of society.

that's why I am doing what I do.

Natalie Alz is a traveler, blogger, journalist, content creator, and yoga instructor. For me, life is an adventure where every day is a new opportunity to learn something new.

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