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Feeling stuck on a global and at an individual level. The prison is inside and outside.

When the pandemic and the occupation meet, all you have left is staring at the wall. You have nothing to offer yourself or the world.


But new windows opened.  Windows we didn't pay attention to before. We picked up our books, our paint, our pens. We connected to one another differently. We started to realize what really mattered.

One of these windows changed my world. It was a virtual one through which I met Jerusalem Peacebuilders and dozens of teens from all over the country. Teens from different backgrounds, with different stories. It is a colorful window where dialogue, solidarity and understanding lead the way. A window of humanity.

I realized that doing good things,  that helping these teens share their stories and learn together, even through a virtual window, is what really matters.

Helping these young people out of this insane situation made me feel good. It was a turning point. It changed me. I changed my life. I now want to widen my impact. I am now studying Law.

Next, we want this new window of kindness and togetherness to get out of the computer. 

We want a new reality, a mask-free world where walls fall.

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