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She's uncertain about what lives on the other side. For a moment, she imagines golden beauty, yet feels the rising beast. Heart thumping, belly jumping, fingertips drumming, as she stands paralyzed at the intersection of heart and mind. Curiosity kicks her forward and she listens. 


Another hiccup of anxiety, bubbling once again inside body. Every time she feels forward, she thinks back, and so she stays stuck, fear itself is on the attack. 


Enough! She is tired of living life in a battle, she is ready to surrender to peace. And so she goes on, in conscious thought, minding her heart, marrying to body, ready to refresh and restart, knowing big moves are made of small choices. What happens if she gave herself permission to imagine?


Just because she doesn’t know what comes next, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t take the next step. Here she goes, leaping straight into faith. 3 2 1...make my day. 

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