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We believe in the power of storytelling to connect people across societies.


Mid East Storytellers was created on the premise that stories are a powerful medium for amplifying the values of the peacebuilding community. We reject hatred, bigotry, and racism. And we refuse to accept the status quo that denies Palestinians—and Israelis—equality, liberty, and security. We value respect and tolerance, two of the values most important for social coexistence.


But we are not there yet. Amid the terrible violence this year, Israeli and Palestinian civil society spoke out for our values, for peace, justice, and equality. But those calling for an end to the occupation, for Israel/Palestinian peace and self-determination, struggled to be heard. Too often, their voices were crowded out of the conversation. We have a long way to go to achieve equality, mutual respect, and recognition that coexistence implies. 


How do we get there? We believe that sharing the stories of our community can play a part. Mid-East Storytellers’ second cohort is a call for all of us to move from coexistence to non-violent, peaceful co-resistance. We hope you will join us in our movement for peace.



B8 of Hope is a Swiss non-profit association created in 2016 by 8 co-founders hailing from diverse origins. We support a pool of 19 peace-building and change-making Palestinian and Israeli civil society and grassroots initiatives. We give them visibility, funds, networking possibilities and capacity-building opportunities. We believe that peace will come from the bottom up, by people from both sides, paving a path for a coexistence based on humanization, respect, equal rights and security, and better living conditions for all.

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Founded in 2006, the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) is the region’s largest and fastest-growing network of peacebuilding organizations. We envision a Middle East in which our community of Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilders lead their societies toward and beyond a sustainable peace. With a coalition of over 150 organizations—and tens of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians—we foster cooperation that increases impact, add stability in times of crisis, and build an environment conducive for peace over the long term.

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Pendulum is an agency aimed at giving individuals and organizations tools for telling their stories. 

We produce workshops, exhibitions and custom made content, based on creative therapeutic processes. We work with non-profits and companies all around the world and are passionate about fighting the fight of vulnerable communities and social activists.

Pendulum was founded by Noa Urbach (Forbes 30under30 social entrepreneur) and Rom Barnea (social entrepreneur, photo-therapy storyteller)

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Talk to us

Noa Urbach | | +1-929-427-4708

Rom Barnea | | +972-545-414999

Main video credits:

Creative and directed by: Raphael Kadishzon and Rom Barnea

DOP: Omer Manor

Editor: Maya Ella

Producer: Talia Bernstein

Music: Yuval Vilner

Still/ Projection Photography: Amit Sidi

Assistant Photographer: Shira Haimovici

BTS footage: Eli Cohen

Special thanks to: AG Production Solutions

Executive producers: Wasim Almasri , Noa Urbach

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