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A Prosperous World,
a Broken Country

Mahmoud Waked

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The first time I opened my eyes in this world, I was in a place away from home. My family had gone to that place at the time in order to make a living, I was destined to be born in a prosperous world, yet a broken country. 


A while after, we came back to our home country, Palestine, to a refugee camp. To the same place my parents were born and raised in. I grew up with no shortage of horrific war traumas. I used to wake up to the sound of bombardments and gunshots. I witnessed people die.

When I grew older I was trying to get used to becoming an adult, to try and find my place in life. I was living in a society that was scattered by war. I realized that unity is the key to survival, to support one another and to work on building a strong community so that we all can ultimately have a chance to build our own lives on a solid ground.


Now, as the world is going through challenging times, we all need to unite and stand together to face these challenges and focus on making this world a better place for us all and the future generations to live in.


That being said, I do what I do now in life to try and achieve that state by contributing to the public and simultaneously working on building my own life and just looking positively into the future. 

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