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In 2014 I went on a personal journey to one of the most conflicted lands where narrative lockdowns imprison identities through fear, mistrust, hatred and violence.

These lockdowns have generated a history of separated realities, but against all odds and to my biggest surprise, I encountered hope in a tiny little place in the West Bank.


I saw, for the first time, Israelis and Palestinians meeting each others’ humanity.

This feeling of hope took me back and forth to the conflicted land.

I learned that people can shift from a place of darkness to a place of light, working on the painful past and shaping a better future.

I learned that the solution to division and conflict is within us, we just need to practice to be better humans.

My Swiss home became a בית - بيت – a house of Hope, welcoming those who are giving it a try.

My voice became the echo of their beautiful voices.

My wall became one of union, not adversity, and a tribute to my Israeli and Palestinian mentors in learning humanity.

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