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We live in a difficult period.

It is hard for many of us and the prevalent feeling is of darkness that surrounds us.

Darkness of distress and uncertainty, of political instability and injustice.


We feel that we are too small to make a difference.

The feeling is justifiable, not everyone is Mahatma Gandhi, and change is not easy.


One morning as I was leaving my house out into the darkness, I looked back at the door which was about to close and was open just a slit, and suddenly I realised just how much light that little slit in the door was spreading, a beam of light illuminating the entire surroundings!


My conclusion was that every small good deed that can make a vast difference in much the same way that one bird can change the trajectory of an entire flock, if we open our door and our heart just a little bit - we can illuminate the whole world.


Each of us can be that bird that makes the whole flock dance the wonderful dance of life.

During lockdown, I came across a call from "the road to Recovery" organisation, it was a call to volunteer and help with transportation during lockdown and after it, I was happy to find my little deed that makes the change

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