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I am a third generation refugee. A father. A husband. An activist. A product of Oslo. A flawed man, shaped by my experiences, inspired by my people struggle for peace, justice and self-determination.


I am from Gaza. My love for this city is endless. Not a day passes by without thinking of memories of the beach, the fields of orange trees and warm, tired smiles of the people on the streets. I hope to return one day when Gaza becomes a viable place to live and raise a family.


I am a father first and an activist second. I can't separate the two. When I look at my children I think about their future. I think about what democracy will look like in 10 years. I think about the separation of state and religion, equal rights and freedom of speech. I think about a day when young people will take leadership and a future where my children don't live through the same experiences that I did.

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